Sportscreen Mesh


  • Thick-coated, printable, 10 oz mesh screen with a limitless digital print shelf-life
  • Outdoor fence windscreen designed for outdoor athletics such as baseball fields and tennis courts
  • Heavy-duty construction offers exceptional tear and tensile strength
  • Available in dark, vivid, fade-resistant colors – making it a professional backdrop for contrast-print seen from distance
  • Printed or plain, this windscreen helps block out wind and other distractions from your game fields
  • Boost your revenue, team spirit, and privacy all in one! Print sponsor logos, impress scouters, and wow your fans


Baseball Outfields, Tennis Courts, Track/Field Runner Mats, Windscreen


*check for color availability

Please note: We are a wholesale supplier of bulk vinyl rolls by the pallet (3+ rolls) to end manufacturers, and do not offer cut yardage at this time. For lesser quantities, we are happy to provide information to the nearest distributor that can further assist with your cut material needs.


Sportscreen Mesh is designed as a printable outdoor fence windscreen, commonly used for baseball stadiums and other athletic applications. This product is built with a heavy duty construction and is treated to resist mildew and damaging UV rays. This mesh is engineered as a digitally printable substrate ideal in the final application for brand recognition, mascot and school based themes, sponsorships, and general aesthetic enhancements.

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