Suplex 24


  • 24 oz. laminated vinyl
  • Available in 75″ width
  • BACshield Anti-Mildew, Anti-Fungus, Antimicrobial, Antibacterial treated, UV treated
  • Passes ASTM E84 (Class A) & NFPA-701 FR tests
  • C.P.S.I.A. (6P) Certified / no detection of DnHP (7P) – safe for kids
  • Beautiful leather emboss


Athletic, Wrestling / Judo Mats


*check for color availability

Please note: We are a wholesale supplier of bulk vinyl rolls by the pallet (3+ rolls) to end manufacturers, and do not offer cut yardage at this time. For lesser quantities, we are happy to provide information to the nearest distributor that can further assist with your cut material needs.


Suplex 24 (BRUML24) is specifically engineered for durability and to be used for athletic roll up mats. Additionally, Suplex 24 has low lead levels well below 100 ppm, which guarantees it safe for kids. Suplex 24 is C.P.S.I.A. Certified, assuring the lowest phthalate levels in the market and is treated for antimicrobial protection against mildew and fungus. In addition, this product has fire retardant certifications for NFPA-701 and ASTM E-84, while achieving Class A. Suplex 24 will also accept a range of graphic applications. Available in a variety of colors, however, Scarlet Red is the only color designed with a grey fabric backing, making it less transparent yet easy for bonding to foam. All other colors are designed with a non-woven backing, making it easy for bonding to foam.

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