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Company Culture at Value Vinyls

Having great company culture is emerging in many businesses today. We at Value Vinyls take pride in having a fantastic company culture along with other traditional company benefits.

Value Vinyls Senior and Executive Management take the initiative and promote a positive culture; setting up fun lunches, entertainment events, promoting fun and camaraderie, both outside of regular business hours as well as during company hours. The company always makes sure there are fun events planned on the calendar, so everyone has something to look forward to. Additionally, we find that our teamwork methods ensure the entire team works better together on a day-to-day basis.

The company culture is evident in the workplace with a very comfortable and motivating office environment. There’s a fully equipped kitchen where our V.V. team has been known to work together and cook entire meals to share. We offer a complete workout room that includes a treadmill, weights, elliptical machine and a stationary bike is available. Additionally, showers in the men’s and women’s bathrooms are also provided.

You really can’t beat having team members who enjoy working with one another and display a pleasant and friendly demeanor! Good company culture makes all employees feel included and part of a family, never excluded or feeling as an outsider.

Promoting this aspect of the company is important because it reflects on working with our most important priority every single day, our customers. We want qualified individuals who strive to work with a good attitude that will show through to our customers when dealing with them daily.

We hope that you find this to be the case and invite you to let us know how we may help you even more with our products and services.

Value Vinyls promotes a healthy company culture for the benefit of our people and our customers. That is something you can take to the bank and deposit as priceless!