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Testing to Standards Provides Our Customer Stable Products

When it comes to Value Vinyls’ complete line of vinyl products, rest assured we have given every product a full examination to validate their individual specifications.

Why is this important? There are many products on the market today that is misrepresented or by using the right marketing twist, leads one to believe the product will perform better than the specifications will indicate.

Value Vinyls operates a well-equipped laboratory used for testing and quality control of vinyl materials that we sell to our customers, as well as researching and testing of many vinyl materials that are in the development stages.

This very important aspect of our company sets us apart from many of our competitors, giving us the opportunity to provide our customers with the exact products required to meet or exceed the specification standards they wish to achieve.

Joshua Propp is the Senior Technical & Development Manager for Value Vinyls. His primary responsibilities are to work with our manufacturing sources keeping Value Vinyls on the cutting edge with the most current vinyl fabrics available in the industry today. Additionally, Josh oversees our in-house laboratory that is run by Mary Ann Scott, Quality Assurance Manager for Value Vinyls. Mary Ann handles the day to day lab operations and conducts testing projects.

The Value Vinyls Laboratories offer a full range of tests that are critical for meeting the customers’ product specifications, including; Abrasion; Adhesion; Tongue & Trapezoid Tear, Grab & Strip Tensile; Elongation; Puncture; Color Consistency; UV; Fading; Yellowing; Crazing; Cracking and Hazing; and much more.

To learn more about Value Vinyls Laboratories or any of our products contact us at this link: Value Vinyls or call 877-716-6651.


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