The Best Awning Vinyl Fabric

Value Vinyls offers a broad range of fabrics that can be utilized within many different industries. Whether you’re looking for material for indoor or outdoor spaces, industrial warehouse and distribution centers, shade structures, or transportation areas, we have the fabric for you! Are you in need of awning vinyl fabric that will provide a shaded area for your home, business, or a commercial area? Keep reading to learn more about our awning fabric and why Value Vinyls is the preferred industrial textile distributor in the US.

Why Are Awnings Important?

Awnings are extremely important for any home or business. Along with providing shade and weather protection, an awning can also reduce your cost of energy by regulating the temperature inside. When building an awning to provide protection from the sun and weather, it is important to first find a fabric that is durable enough to withstand environmental elements.

best awning vinyl fabric

Our Awing Vinyl Fabric

Our Soluna 19 fabric is perfect for any outdoor awning. We use an acrylic lacquer topcoat for our awning vinyl fabric because it provides the most protection from the sun. It also helps with resistance to fading and protects the fabric. This 19-ounce coated vinyl is a waterproof, printable material and highly resistant to flames, mildew, fungus, and UV rays. Plus, it is available in thirteen different colors such as black, beige, forest green, navy, and more! Our awning vinyl fabric is a great option for any business! Soluna 19 is nearly indestructible and resistant to tears since it is a true knife-coated vinyl. This helps keep the fabric from sagging and allows it to last for years to come.

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Along with our awning fabric, we also offer over 80 different kinds of materials! They can be used for anything from oil booms to truck tarps. All of our fabrics are of the highest quality, and we offer some of the most affordable prices in the industry. Plus, with five warehouse locations across North America, our seamless process allows us to effortlessly ship directly to you.

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