What Is DuraGUARD?

Value Vinyls places safety as the number one priority with the development of athletic and medical fabrics. This dedication has allowed us to be a true leader in our industry by engineering fabrics that meet and exceed the most stringent of testing standards. Our products are used daily across the country at schools, universities, gyms, recreation centers, daycare facilities, medical environments and more.

MRSA is a serious staph infection that can be spread by touching an untreated athletic mat, wall pad, or medical gurney. This potent strain of staph infection is highly resistant to a number of antibiotics making it harder to cure. Most concerning is MRSA can mutate from a small, contained infection to one that involves your internal organs and body systems. It can lead to more serious health concerns like blood infections, pneumonia, and even death if left untreated.

Value Vinyls takes a serious approach to staph infections such as MRSA by protecting our premier athletic and medical materials with DuraGUARD®. This EPA registered treatment is the highest quality antimicrobial additive that seals the material, keeping bacteria from burrowing into the fibers and incubating.

Athletic facilities, hospitals, and daycare centers are prime places where MRSA spreads. DuraGUARD prevents 99.99% bacterial growth, making the spread of MRSA nearly impossible and easily extinguished. This prevents the staph from being absorbed into the material, causing stunted cell growth until properly cleaned away.

Our goal is to provide products that are 100% safe for kids where human contact will occur with the material and simply said, if it’s safe for kids it’s safe for everyone!