Impact 16


  • 16 oz. coated vinyl
  • Available in 61″, 98″,  110″, capable up to 110″ width
  • BACshield Anti-Mildew, Anti-Fungus, Antimicrobial, Antibacterial treated, UV treated
  • Passes NFPA-286, NFPA-701, ASTM E84 (Class A) & CSFM FR tests
  • C.P.S.I.A. Certified & Meeting all Lead Requirements, assuring it safe for kids
  • Leather emboss


Athletic, Child Development Shapes, Gymnasium Wall Pads, Gymnastics Mats


*check for color availability



Value Vinyls is leading the athletics industry with this premium multi-purpose coated athletic vinyl. Impact 16 Coated Vinyl (JOSL16) for Wall Pads and Gym Mats are equipped with an attractive leather emboss and treated to meet NFPA-286, NFPA-701 and CSFM while achieving a Class A rating for ASTM E-84. This multi-purpose, certified CPSIA vinyl meets phthalate and lead requirements, assuring it is safe for kids. Additionally, it is treated with UV and anti-mildew.

Fabric Spec Sheet
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