StayFloat 80


  • 80 oz. coated matte vinyl
  • Available in 73″, capable up to 73″ width
  • Anti-mildew treated, UV treated
  • Smooth Matte surface


Inflatable Rafts, Specialty


*check for color availability

Please note: We are a wholesale supplier of bulk vinyl rolls by the pallet (3+ rolls) to end manufacturers, and do not offer cut yardage at this time. For lesser quantities, we are happy to provide information to the nearest distributor that can further assist with your cut material needs.


StayFloat 80 (BDS80) is a complex drop stitch base fabric designed for uncompromised structural integrity, allowing when inflated, a very stable and rigid surface. Treated for UV & Anit-Mildew, this high UV and chlorine resistant material is formulated for long-term outdoor use. StayFloat 80 is ideal for a wide range of water floatable applications such as air inflated surf boards, rafts, docks, etc. used in ocean salt waters, as well as inflatable boards, boats, etc used in the filtered waters of water parks. StayFloat 80 is an 80 oz. drop stitch coated vinyl designed to hold air for long periods of time without compromise. This high strength fabric is also designed to resist punctures and tears. StayFloat 80 is available in a 2”, 4”, and 6″ drop stitch opening and can be produced up to a 13” opening. Stocked in a grey matte finish, however other colors can be ordered.

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