GTX-30 is High-Tech Against Land Pollution

For most of us land pollution may not be the first thing on the mind every day, but consider this; due to land pollution, the earth loses approximately 25 billion tons of valuable topsoil each year! Wow, now that gets my attention! Here’s another staggering statistic; it takes at least 500 years for 9.8 inches of topsoil to regenerate! In addition, land pollution can cause skin problems, birth defects, respiratory issues and a number of other diseases.

So here’s where I’m going with this; many industries who work with land polluting chemicals are under strict national guidelines to contain these chemicals and protect against land pollution. This means any type of chemical discharge or a hazardous component must be contained and disposed of without polluting the landfill.

Value Vinyls offers a proven Geomembrane Fabric, GTX-30 that contains and protects against the harshest chemicals with the assurance of no leaching into the ground.

GTX-30 is a chemical resistant coated 30 oz. vinyl that has been developed to withstand long-term exposure to an extensive range of harsh chemicals, including a number of harmful oils, acids, and methane contaminate. GTX-30 is the optimum chemically resistant fabric for landfill pond liners, stormwater runoff, municipal wastewater ponds, containment, floor coverings, oil storage, and other applications where chemical containment is required.

GTX-30 has also been engineered with superior physical strength, high durability, and welding and water repellant properties. GTX-30 is also puncture resistant and built with exceptional dimensional stability. Here’s the icing on the cake, GTX-30 carries a 7-year limited warranty to stand the test of time in the field.

THE BOTTOM LINE; GTX-30 may be your containment solution!

So if land polluting solutions are on your mind, I encourage you to take a look at GTX-30 and give this amazing product a try. For more information or to request a sample, click here or contact us at 877-716-6651