Universal Screens

Transforming Outdoor Spaces

Universal Screens’ warehouse in Plano, TX. Machine technicians oversee automated fabric cutting table.

Imagine enjoying your patio on a sunny day, free from bugs, harsh sun, and wind.

Universal Screens, based in Plano, TX, transforms this vision into reality with their custom, retractable, motorized screens. Manufactured in America and providing nationwide service, Universal Screens selectively partners with top vendors for fabric, materials, and motors. By providing the best automated patio screens for homes and commercial areas, their products ensure that outdoor spaces remain comfortable, nuisance-free, and protected from the elements outside beyond just the summer season.

The Importance of Strategic Partnerships

Joe Cerda, Vice President of Sales at Universal Screens, emphasizes the critical role of strategic partnerships in their success “Growing this business, the partnerships have been crucial,” Cerda states. Among their valued partners is Value Vinyls, supplier of its high-quality exterior shade fabric, Visiontex™.
The success of these partnerships is evident as Universal Screens recently relocated to a larger facility and was featured on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing companies in 2020.

What Is Visiontex™?

Visiontex™ is the premier outdoor mesh solution for domestic and commercial exterior shading and patio screens, offering various options that blend privacy and visibility. Utilizing advanced technologies in vinyl-coated polyester, these fabrics meet exacting standards for long-term outdoor performance. This durable outdoor screen material is specially constructed to have:

                    • •Transparent labeling to lower wasted fabric and save time
                      • Mildew resistance and Fire Retardancy
                      • High UV treatment to withstand the intense sun
                      • Visiontex™ is available in various styles, colors, visibility levels, and an extra-wide width of 126″
                      • 10-Year Warranty: Guaranteeing long-lasting protection and shade for demanding applications
                      • GreenGuard Gold Certification: Free from harmful toxins like lead, mercury, and chromium

Value Vinyls is one of our preferred fabric vendors. What really intrigues us was the passion that they have to get things right the first time.

 – Joe Cerda
Vice President of Sales, Universal Screens

Why Universal Screens Trusts Value Vinyls

Universal Screens chooses vendors who share their vision and commitment to quality. Value Vinyls stands out for several reasons:

• Uncompromising Quality: Value Vinyls ensures their fabrics meet the highest industry standards, backed by an in-house V2 Quality Testing Lab. Partners focused on commitment to quality means that Universal Screens’ products are durable, reliable, and look effortlessly beautiful.
• Innovative Solutions: Continuously developing new materials to enhance fabric performance, helping keep both companies ahead in the market.
• Customer-Centric Approach: Prioritizing customer satisfaction with responsive service, allowing Universal Screens to promptly meet their customers’ needs.
Industry Innovators: Both partners continuously attend industry trade-show expos, keeping eyes and ears open for the latest advancements and further innovating their products.


Extending Patio Life Paired with Automation

Universal Screens’ retractable screens, combined with Value Vinyls’ high-performance fabrics, block UV rays, reduce heat, and keep out bugs, wind, and debris while maintaining a clear view outside. Elevate and enjoy year-round patio protection with both manual and motorized screens (powered by Somfy). These easy-to-use motorized screens are also smart-home compatible with systems like: Control 4, Savant, Crestron, Google Home, and Alexa.

Outdoor patio enclosures with exterior mesh screens are rapidly gaining popularity. They not only enhance the appearance of your home and patio but can also increase resale value, reduce summer energy bills by blocking scorching sun rays, and extend outdoor space usability beyond the summer season.

With Universal Screens, installing motorized screens for patios has never been easier. Expand or retract your screen with the push of a button, and effortlessly adjust the minimum and maximum height levels using the simple program settings on the user-friendly remote control.



Benefits of Outdoor Shading Solutions, like Visiontex™

  • Privacy and Visibility: Blending privacy and outdoor visibility with varying levels of screen openness.
    • Low Maintenance: VisionTex is easy to clean, hassle free, and easy to install
    • Reduce Energy Bills: All weather outdoor screens help reduce energy bills by shielding your space from the sun
    • Superior customer service from a close partnership
    • Comprehensive Protection: Guarding against UV rays, glare, weather, bugs, and more.

Universal Screens offers weatherproof, exterior mesh patio screens in both manual and automated formats. Customers appreciate the ease and simplicity of controlling their view and outdoor space with the touch of a button.


About Universal Screens

Universal Screens is an outdoor shading company located in Plano, TX, led by Shawn Culbertson, President. They are a Hunter Douglas owned and operated business who has a strong commitment to delivering high-quality motorized screens paired with exceptional customer service, expertise, and dedication. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Universal Screens’ motorized screens provide privacy, comfort, and protection from the elements while elevating style and elegance. Whether it’s a residential patio or a commercial outdoor space, their solutions are tailored to each individual customer.

To learn more about Universal Screens, visit their website here.