Advantage MVP FR 18 Athletic


  • 18.5 oz. coated FR vinyl
  • Available in 61″, capable up to 126″ width
  • BACshield Anti-Mildew, Anti-Fungus, Antimicrobial, Antibacterial treated, UV treated
  • NFPA-701, CSFM-19, and ASTM E-84 Class A fire retardant compliant
  • Smooth matte surface
  • Extensive range of popular colors


Athletic, Gym Divider Curtains, Gym Floor Covers, Gymnastic Mats, Pole Vault Pads, Stadium Wall Pads, Wrestling/Judo Mats


*check for color availability



Advantage MVP FR 18 Athletic PVC Floor Mat Vinyl is the industry leader in athletic vinyl fabrics and is based on our signature 18 oz. coated “, which is equipped with the necessary FR treatments to meet NFPA-701, CSFM-19, and achieves a “Class A” rating for ASTM E-84. This PVC fabric is available in many colors and is well known for its durability, pliable feel, resilience to the elements and great strength. This is a multi-purpose vinyl intended for numerous athletic and industrial applications.

Fabric Spec Sheet
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