Clear / Frosty Laminated 10 Matte


  • 10 oz. clear laminate vinyl
  • Available in 61″, capable up to 126″ width
  • Anti-mildew treated, UV treated, passes CSFM FR tests
  • Smooth Matte surface


Event Tents, Structure FAbrics


*check for color availability

Please note: We are a wholesale supplier of bulk vinyl rolls by the pallet (3+ rolls) to end manufacturers, and do not offer cut yardage at this time. For lesser quantities, we are happy to provide information to the nearest distributor that can further assist with your cut material needs.


Frosty and Clear Vinyl PVC FR Laminated 10 oz. Matte (FLR10) has a frosty matte surface, designed for canopies that disperse light. This PVC clear vinyl has been built with FR to pass California State (CSFM), is a general purpose transparent fabric with a glossy surface. This product is protected with the necessary treatments against UV rays and mildew so that it can withstand adverse weather conditions and be relied upon for long term durability, making it a great choice for tent windows, poultry curtains, slitted barrier curtains, and other general purpose uses.

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